Monday, February 20, 2012

A new sci-fi fantasy novel?

After completing The Gestalt Man, i thought I'd give myself a break from crime noir novels, and work on my other Sci-Fi Fantasy books before diving back into the world of Michael Jeck and Company. So I worked a little on Confessions to a Ghost but I got distracted by ideas i had for a potential cover for the book, then went back to my sci-fi comedy Timeless for a while so that I can laugh again, and then something happened.

I had a kind of breakthrough on an novel/or series of novels that i had been working on off and on for the past--oh, god, has it been twelve years? It started off as a simple space opera...but then it morphed into something completely unique and incredibly ambitious. I don't even know what to call's like a sword and sorcery fantasy...but set in space.  I'm hesitant to post any excerpts because I've been writing and re-writing like mad recently and I keep changing things as I'm going along. I'm on page 250 now and I am realizing that there will need to be multiple books in order to fully tell the story. I'm really liking the universe that I'm working in and the characters that I have to work with. I think this may be the next book that I publish.

Oh, and here's the working title of the first book: The Emperor's Return